Prayer Workshops

Do you long to pray, but you’re unsure about how to do it?

Do you want to pray better, but aren’t sure you’re “doing it right”?

Then come to one of our very practical workshops on the basics of prayer. Learn about different forms of prayer and have the time to practice.

Topics include: vocal prayer, meditation, adoration, the rosary, the Mass, and “how do I know it’s God I’m talking to?”

Practical advice to take your prayer life to a deeper level.


freedominCHRISTGoing Deeper… A Prayer Workshop

Special Guest Speaker: Fr. Jacques Philippe!

Suggested Donation $30 per person.


Men and women experienced in prayer know the power and beauty of a relationship with Christ. But everyone who prays can benefit from the wisdom of a master.

Join us for a three hour prayer workshop with Father Jacque Phillippe. You will hear some personal testimonies, some commentary by Fr. Jacques and have the opportunity for adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Stay afterward for informal conversation with wine and cheese.

Spaces are limited. Event is SOLD OUT!