Just like your family members, OLB also has a Christmas Wishlist.


A practical and concrete way to support our beloved Retreat Center is to visit the Amazon Wishlist that we have compiled. On it you will find some very practical items that need to be replaced due to the wear and tear of having so many people come to OLB.

Some of these items include:

  • Solar spotlights to illuminate Our Lady’s statue out back
  • Garden benches to be used by those on Spiritual Exercises and couples attending Three to Get Married
  • Trashcans for the dining room
  • And, some other items for the kitchen and dining room to make Rosa’s job a little easier, especially a new set of knives!

Click the on the Amazon icon above to see more of the practical items you can help us replace.


Liturgical Vestment Campaign

Additionally, our Liturgical Vestments are showing their age and need to be replaced.  If you’d like to make a cash donation toward the purchase of new vestments for the Chapel, please click the Donate button.


Thank you for thinking of Our Lady of Bethesda during this Holy Season. May the peace of Christ be with you and your family.